And you say they’re stronger.

“You’re more than a diamond. You’ve come out of the woods, with blood bleeding down your mud stained body, all purified. Now you see things they don’t. Now you know who they are, and who you are. It’s time you let out a breath, and know that they’re gone now. They were the fucking piece of shit you realized you shouldn’t have eaten.” Said the mom to her daughter. “But they think I’m a slut and worth nothing.” Said the daughter, tears rushing down her cheeks. “But baby, what I’m saying is, they’re nothing more than you. And you still think their words matter.”
The daughter smiled wide.


Pretty innocent faces

Dear pretty innocent faces, why are you respected so much? Why don’t guys ever think of your body? Why don’t people ever call you a slut? Because you never showed off that body of yours? You never wanted to put yourself in a way which is appealing? There’s no art in you, there’s not a single sense of creativity in you, why are you so respected? Only because you desire to have a life with so much pressure, because you always listen to the people, your mom, the rules of the society. But isn’t this making you a scared coward bitch who don’t know how to live a life with your own rules? I bet the world you don’t have the cuts and scars of a slut in that body of yours, you must’ve never experienced the awful shame, just because they say it’s not good for you to be like that. Why do you give so much shit about your future,  carrier, image, society? You’ve been living under a big piece of rock your entire life, and you get respected? But dear pretty innocent faces, y’all are bitches who ain’t got no art in you. You live caged all the time, controlled by the society.



We’re all in a race. We run, we hurry for our lives. We keep running, knowing that the destination is nowhere. “What do you think you’re doing?” His mother asked. “Doing my business. Rushing.” The son said. “Why?”
“Because everyone’s running, so am I.”
“Are you running fast?”
“What is your destination then, son?” She finally asked. “I don’t know”, said he.

He wakes up early morning by the loud sound of his alarm. He gets ready. Pulls up his tie. Why a tie tho? Because they expect him to. And the normal everyday routine, getting into that car , fully dressed up, with a coat and formal shoes. And not a single day goes without them noticing every inch of him. Starting from when he says good morning, because he has to, till the time he says thank you, because they did nothing, but he has to. Who knows whether he likes to wear this mask everyday. No one knows whether its a mask, or reality. In fact he himself doesn’t know who he is. The world around him goes on, so does he. Not thinking a single time about his child being, the truth, his actual face, what he wants to be. All he is now is the person the world expects him to be. The world moves on like this, fast and impatient, and so does he.


She was stronger than you thought

“Do it, for me.” He said. I could see the vivid curiosity his face held. “But i just don’t want to. Not that i don’t believe in you. But….well….i don’t really like it.” It was hard to hold in the truth. “But you said I own you and your body. I can do whatever I want with it.” He said. “But…” He couldn’t possibly resist anymore. I looked away, while he caught my hand. He caught my waist and pulled me closer. And i liked it, very much. Though i was clearly aware it wasn’t going to lead anywhere but I just loved the way it was happening. Though my friends warned me about it but i was still loving the way it was happening.
We were there, still. He had caught my body and his hand was playing with my hair. I saw love in his eyes. “Can you please let me do it?” I was lost in his eyes and his voice when he was close was the best thing i ever felt in my life. Without saying a word, i let him do it. And that was the night i couldn’t ever forget.
And days were spent, and the value he gave me before was lost, drastically. Now that he did what he had to, there i was, hopeless. With a heart ache that never left my soul. “What do i do now?” I asked life. “Hold on, get up, I’ve got much more for you.” It answered.


Life is a game

Life is just a game, and we merely the players. In order to succeed here, you’re given with problems. In order to become a warrior, perhaps a strong warrior. A warrior who’s stronger than anyone. You’re supposed to go through pains, through struggles, through tackles. Betrayal is a must. The more knives you get stabbed with, the more stronger you become. These problems occur in various ways. Some may end up being tragedies, some might be the risks you decided to take, and merely didn’t succeed. Some might occur by people. People who try to bring you as much down as they can. They may dominate you, judge you, label you, or just betray you by faking their love to you. But this ain’t bad. This is just a way through which you succeed. These are boosters. Power boosters. Failure is a loss, but the lesson from it remains useful, perhaps tremendous it is. If you’re reading this, and you’ve got shitloads of tackles, then kid, you’re doing amazing. Life is just a game, and we merely the players.


The Disturbed Soul

You’re  crazy, you’re psychopathetic, you don’t know what’s going on in life. In your eyes, the life is just a ride full of difficulties in between. You’re just like the other human beings trying to adjust your complications. But is this life so disturbing? You ask me. Let me tell you, life ain’t disturbing. You are. Events are, sometimes. But when those events occur, you go around giving a shit for every single thing, every tiny event.
Calm down, what is it? Are you crying because nothing just happened? Are you crying because you just got a hint of something thats gonna happen and you just make up you’re mind that this is it. This is the end of life. Just calm down, stop what you’re doing. Nothing just happened. Life is just trying to drag you down by doing whatever it can. Don’t be a fool. Stop panicking for this teeny tiny little thing that just crawled inside that mind of yours and isn’t actually capable of dragging you down. So just stop.


He’s like a firework who lit my heart up. Being the king of my heart, he owns my body. Every inch. “What have i done to deserve you, love?” I asked him, with a smirk on my face. “You’re like a weed to me.” His sparkling eyes looking back at me. His words awakened me. “I weed you.” , he said. “I weed you too.” I said with a smile.

Talking bodies. Thats what we are. Talking bodies. My body trembles, as he touches my skin. Its like he rules every part, every inch of my body. And no one else.  His arms cover me up, like a shield; protective. I feel the love we possess. I love him with all my butt. Oh i would say heart, but my butt is bigger.